Accepting and reviewing a text

Information for authors

The rules of publication

  1. Only original, never published papers are accepted.
  2. Articles may be written in congressional languages.
  3. Texts are accepted until the end of March. The materials should be delivered by e-mail to the following address:


in the form of an attachment in the .doc or .docx format.

  1. The decision about accepting the manuscript is made on the basis of the internal editors’ evaluation as well as opinions of external reviewers.

The rules of qualification of articles

Taking into consideration good editing practices as well as norms presented in the message of the Minister of Science
and Higher Education from May 29, 2013, concerning the criteria and mode of evaluation of scientific periodicals,
„Studia Filologiczne UJK” applies the following procedure:

  • the sent publication is initially evaluated by the editor in chief and the thematic editor This evaluation may also be done by a member of the Scientific Council if the subject of the article requires it.
  • two independent reviewers outside the author’s affiliation are called;
  • author (authors) of the article and its reviewers do not know each other’s identities (double-blind review process);
    in special cases the reviewer provides a written declaration that there is no conflict of interests between the parties of the reviewing process; direct personal relations between the author (authors) and the reviewer (especially consanguinity until second degree, marriage), professional relations or a direct scientific cooperation within the last two years preceding the year of the review are considered a conflict of interests.
  • the review is compiled on a special form which is available on the web page of the periodical; the reviewer forms an explicit, final conclusion concerning the conditions of the acceptance of the scientific article to publication (without any changes or after introducing changes) or its rejection.

Editorial staff informs the author about the result of the review and provides the author with a copy of the review. The author is obliged to address the reviewer’s remarks within the indicated time limit.

The procedure ensuring the originality of scientific articles ghostwriting firewall)

According to the recommendations of the Ministry of Science and Higher Education the editorial staff of “Studia Filologiczne UJK” informs that

  • author (authors) is obliged to provide information about persons who contributed to the article
    in any way. This action aims at avoiding the phenomenon described as ghostwriting, that is hiding the participation
    in the writing of the article of persons other than those officially appearing in the header of the text. The author is obliged to provide names of possible co-authors of the article with their affiliation as well as information about authors of concepts, assumptions, methods etc., applied during the preparation of the paper. Information about third persons and institutions should be provided in reference;
  • it is forbidden to add as co-authors any persons who did not contribute to the article which is applied to Studia Filologiczne UJK (the so-calledguest authorship). It is against the scientific fidelity.
  • If the article is one of the results of a scientific project funded from NCN, NPRH grant
    or another institution or association, the author is obliged to provide this information together with the number of the grant in
    a footnote.

The person applying the article is responsible for the authenticity of the data provided in the paper.

  1. If a scientific text was created by several people, the co-authors are asked to
    e-mail “THE DECLARATION OF CO-AUTHORSHIP” to the redaction.


Every author will receive an electronic copy of the volume in which their article was published. The paperback version can be purchased from the publisher. Sending of the so-called offprint of articles is not planned.